The Cost of Moving

7 September 2010 // Filed under Academics + Posts

When I moved from my residency in Princeton, NJ to my new home in Medford, MA as to attend graduate school at Tufts University there were quite a few pieces of home ware, kitchenware, and bathroom accessories I was lacking. My quarters came equipped with bed, desk, dresser drawer, and closet but not the essential products like bedsheets, pillows, coffee maker, dishes, pans...the list goes on and on. My recommendation for someone relocating on a budget is to find the nearest Ikea, and subsequently the nearest Target. Fortunate for me, or maybe because I'm living in the Boston area, there were both twenty-five minutes away. Of the essentials here is the breakdown:

Kitchen: $99.36

Utensils: $27.93

Pots and Pans: 41.95

Miscellaneous: $29.48

Bedroom: $47.97

Decor: $18.98

Cleaning: $17.97

  • Swiffer Sweeper $7.99
  • Swiffer Refills $6.99
  • Paper Towels $2.99

Prices based upon 2010 school promotions

It is easy to see where most of my expenses and effort are concentrated by looking at my purchases.

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