The Cost of Beauty

10 August 2010 // Filed under Beauty + Posts

Going to a salon in the United States for waxing is ludicrously expensive. The standard cost to wax one leg is $50 and at least $50 for the bikini line, which is literally between your legs, not your pelvic. And a Brazilian is out of the question, with a price tag of $100. So why is it so expensive one may ask? Well, first there's the fact that one need to be certified in epilation in order to operate a business offering that service. Second, is demand. Other than that special occasion where you're having your nails painted, hair styled and body waxed few people go to a salon on a regular basis. That makes waxing, which requires the table, paper lining, strips, utensils and of course wax an expensive service to operate. So no salon or spa has someone solely dedicated to the task.

Spoiled perhaps by the availability of leg waxing for 20 reais (roughly 10 dollars) and a Brazilian for 28 reais, I refused to pay quintuple the price to have just one leg waxed. So I went to the interwebs in search of an alternative, mainly in home waxing kits.

Let me tell you how poorly designed some of the products are, with little attempt to promote the brand. It's almost as if they know by lack of options in that market they do not need bother designing a brand logo. It was actually during my peruse of Amazon reviews of the products that I stumbled upon Sally Hansen. The site contains what I found probably to be the two major brands, Gigi and Jilbere. As a general rule if the company invest in the product design than they must have invested in the product itself. At least that was my mentality when I bought the Gigi Honee kit, containing wax warmer, 14oz all-purpose honee wax, 100 small muslin strips, and 100 small applicators. And of course there were other necessary items that did not come in the package. The costs look something like this:

  • Gigi Honee Wax kit - $39.99
  • Gigi Natural Muslin Roll - $17.99
  • Johnson's Baby Powder - $3.49

Other items you will need are large wood applicators and azulene oil, both of which I had from previous kits but you can also purchase. To wax both legs took 3/4 of the 14 oz of wax. So beyond the start-up cost of $61.49, every wax thereon will be around $13-14, the price associated with the wax.

General's expensive to wax in a country that does not have a culture for epilation and extremely exhausting to perform on yourself. But in the end my smooth legs are worth it!

2010-08-10  ::  admin

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