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2011-02-07 :: admin // Beauty + Posts
The Scent

Girls start to use fragrance at age 10, with 12% starting below 10, including body spray On average the respondents claimed to own 7 fragrances Reasons for switching to a different fragrance in the "wardrobe": Change of mood (71%) Special occasion (54%) Change of season (28%) Friend's recommendation (16%) Popularity of scent (10%) No particular [...]

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2010-08-10 :: admin // Beauty + Posts
The Cost of Beauty

Going to a salon in the United States for waxing is ludicrously expensive. The standard cost to wax one leg is $50 and at least $50 for the bikini line, which is literally between your legs, not your pelvic. And a Brazilian is out of the question, with a price tag of $100. So why [...]

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