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7 February 2011 // Filed under Beauty + Posts

  • Girls start to use fragrance at age 10, with 12% starting below 10, including body spray
  • On average the respondents claimed to own 7 fragrances
  • Reasons for switching to a different fragrance in the "wardrobe":
    • Change of mood (71%)
    • Special occasion (54%)
    • Change of season (28%)
    • Friend's recommendation (16%)
    • Popularity of scent (10%)
    • No particular reason (15%)
    • * Research into the women's fragrance market, USA, in partnership with Cosmopolitan and CosmoGirl magazine

The smell of a beautiful woman as her scent lingers in the air...jasmine, rose, sandalwood, topped by notes of the ylang ylang flower. This is what Earnest Beaux smelled when he created Chanel No. 5 in 1921. A forerunner in the field of mass-marketed perfumes, Coco is no longer one of only a few options. With over hundreds of brands today perfume has become like wine, available in such variety that you need to be an expert to distinguish them. Average women in this study (at a median age of 30.7) seem to follow this brand mania, preferring a set of perfumes to fit mood and occasion. Youthful experimentation is truly is a product of the 21st century.

This does not mean that Chanel, YSL, and other couture fragrances blend into the masses. Every 55 seconds a bottle of Chanel No. 5 is sold and continues to be one of the top grossing perfumes in the world. There is timelessness in their characters. Their musky blend has a history synonymous with luxury. Worn by French and English nobility as early as the 14th century Eau de Parfum became so desirable that ladies like Catherine de' Medici had a personal perfumer and perfumery. So secretive did the formulas become that her perfumer had an apartment connected to hers through secret underground tunnels. While few may go to the extent of hiding their recipe, personalizing your scent still has its niche. Bond No. 9 and Le Labo are just a few perfumeries that continue this luxury service.

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In need of a good cleaning

25 January 2011 // Filed under Posts

Every day I exit my house and find myself like the British in India. Skating across the centimeter thick ice that lines the sidewalks my silver rubber boots are to the New England winter what the canvas trouser is to subtropical climates, neither functional nor native. Instead I should have a pair of winter boots, those hideous plastic, canvas, and fur lined atrocities of the fashion world. But I refuse!

Only issue with my silver space age boots from Kenneth Cole were the scuffs marks on the toe. Determined to wear them I scoured the internet for home remedies. One site suggested white toothpaste. That failed. Another suggested acetone, the main ingredient in nail polish remover. Anything that has the power to remove acrylic I was wary of trying but it seemed to have enthusiastic support on forums. So taking a q-tip I applied a small amount to the effected area and scrubbed. It worked! My moon boots look as good as new.

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